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For those of you who follow me on #instagram (if you don't you should, I'm occasionally funny), you know that I set out to do 90 days of journaling at the start of 2020. I have always been (and probably will always be) an avid journal-er.

I've had a journal for as long as I can remember, but I really got into it in #middleschool. Because you know, drama, puberty, and all that fun stuff. Journaling became the way I expressed myself. Writing down how I felt or the experiences that I was having became my saving grace, especially when I felt that I had no one to talk to. I continued journaling throughout high school, but I think in college is when my journal really became my trusty friend. My brain works like a mile a minute and I had such a tough time storing and listening to all of my thoughts and feelings at once, especially in acting class when I was learning how to navigate feelings. So, I started a journaling practice. After each performance assignment I would sit down and journal, sometimes if I was nervous I'd journal before. Answering questions like: "Why does this scare me?" "What did I learn?" " What did I love about my performance?" "What do I want to work on for next time?" I think there, in my Freshman year acting class my journal practice was born. And the self-discoveries I made along the way quickly became the best part.

Before the 2019, I saw. someone post about how they journaled every single day of 2019. I longed for a practice like that. So I set out on my #90daysofjournaling challenge. I read somewhere a long time ago that it takes 21 days to build a #habit and 90 days to build a #lifestyle. (I did try to find where I read it for reference, but #google had too many links and I struck out there) BUT, I have to say it did work.


  • After journaling every day (whether it was one page, or 4) for the first two weeks, I found myself reaching for my journal without even thinking about it. Sometimes I would get into bed after a long day, realize I hadn't journaled and would spring up and journal without a second thought.

  • It had a great impact on my mental health, and helped me to set positive intentions for myself daily. And especially in the moments of fear, or hurt I was able to see myself from an outside eye through my journal. Which only led to discoveries and so many "AHA" moments.

  • Taking a photo a day and posting it on #Instagram held me accountable.

  • Sometimes life gets in the way. For those who were following along, there were a few weeks during the start of COVID-19 in the US & the beginning of the #stayathome order where I stopped journaling every day. TBH I really struggled. But, I kept on counting. SO--some would say I didn't fully complete my #90daysofjournaling challenge and to that I say, you're right haha. I did learn though, and I did create a journaling practice that has helped me through so many moments in the past few months.


  • Life gets in the way. It does like it does with anything other task, commitment, or relationship.

  • Sometimes you have nothing to say. And in those moments I tried to ramble, and stream of consciousness journal until I actually had nothing left to say. Sometimes frustration, or the just not wanting to journal sets in. And that's okay.

  • Trying to forgive myself (which if you know me, I am NOT good at). If I missed a day, or couldn't bring myself to journal. It's okay to miss things, and it's also good to know that if I missed a day or a week, when I was ready to come back to her, my journal was right there waiting for me.


  • Making the commitment to journal for 90 days really did create a lifestyle. Even in my dullest moments I find myself reaching for my trustworthy friend. So although my challenge is over, I will still be doing my best to journal EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

  • I will also be posting my favorite journal prompts. But if you need a starter: writing three things you are grateful for, "I feel tired when/ I feel alive when," or my personal favorite "what am I afraid of?"



Every day this week I will post a photo in InstagramStory that says 3 things that I am grateful for, and 3 things that I am excited about for the day ahead. DO IT WITH ME! It's a great way to ease into journaling. Make sure to follow me @itsruthyfroch & to tag me in your photos and #itsruthless & I'll repost!

Journaling will always be there when you need it most, as will I!

Your 90 days start now! Who's with me?!



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