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Updated: Jan 5, 2022

This is my watching journey from March 2020 - December 2021 give or take a few things that I simply cannot remember!

To be completely frank, I've always said I want a vacation where I don't have anything to do, and nothing pressing to do in the future (so like completely stress free, blank slate, nothing on my mind.) Good to learn that this: #Quarantine is NOT what I wanted.

With that being said: I've had a lot of time to binge watch smart things, dumb things, things I've already watched and wanted to re-watch, all the things. So here's my list. Grab your popcorn, log on to your wifi, it's time to #NetflixandChill.



  • The Ugly Truth (watched on Netflix, but who knows where it is now: classic rom-com vibes)

  • Someone Great (on Netflix: rom-com with fun feel-good vibes with a sprinkle of reality)

  • Leap Year (on Hulu: good ol' fashioned romance movie)

  • No Strings Attached (on Hulu: good ol'-fashioned rom com)

  • Sleeping With Other People (rented on Amazon: loved watching hot messes find eachother)

  • Trainwreck (rented on AppleTV+: coming of age movie with adults)

  • Save the Date (on Hulu: allison brie and lizzy caplan. need I say more?)

  • In Reality (Hyperlinked here: it's one of the most brilliant things i've seen in a long time)

  • The Longest Ride (I strangely owned this, but a good ol' fashioned romance)

  • Pretty Woman (I watched this on a united flight for the very first time and quite possibly may be my fav romance movie of all time)

  • The Last Letter From Your Lover (on Netflix: mixing a period piece and modern day)


  • Best Wishes, Warmest Regards (on Netflix Schitt's Creek Doc: a must watch if you're a fan of the series. I cried full tears)

  • Death to 2020 (on Netflix: technically it's a mockumentary but like wow WHAT A YEAR IN REVIEW)

  • Billie Eilish: The World's A Little Blurry (on AppleTV+: LOVED so fascinating)


  • Bad Moms Christmas (on Netflix: feel good, funny, holiday movie)

  • The King of Staten Island (rented on Amazon Prime: not what I was expecting, but thoroughly enjoyed. Very interesting story!)

  • Palm Springs (on Hulu: new groundhog day niche rom com, loved it actually...)

  • Good On Paper (on Netflix: a dramedy with really fun characters)


  • Little Women (on Starz: a gorgeous female centered film)

  • Promising Young Woman (on appletv+: best movie i've seen in a long time, real, raw, heartbreaking, and makes you think about society. wow)

  • Coda (on appletv+: one of my new favorites. family drama, with lots of music, misunderstanding and love.)


  • Agent Cody Banks (on Hulu: oldie but a goodie)

  • The Lincoln Lawyer (on Amazon Prime: had to watch this political drama for a scene in my acting class, but honestly a good movie)

  • The Prom (on Netflix: super fun (don't get me wrong I got my issues with it, but) the musical theatre girl in me is so glad the world can see an original musical with an important message!)

  • SOUL (on Disney+: um literally the animated movie of the year. so impactful, so meaning full, for kids, but really what a good gift for adults.)

  • Unpregnant (HBOmax: an interesting fictional dramedy about friendship while commenting on women's reproductive rights - fascinating!)

  • Beautiful Creatures (I watched this on an airplane... BUT a teen romance drama with some supernatural in it - some viola davis - I thoroughly enjoyed.)



  • All 6 Season's of Schitt's Creek (on Netflix: pure feel good hilarious genius-ness with some truth, I laughed, I cried, a MUST WATCH)

  • Re-watched New Girl (on Netflix: a feel-good comedy classic!)

  • Season 1 & 2 Emily in Paris (on Netflix: some fun light hot garbage)

  • Season 2 of The Politician (on Netflix: bette midler & judith light pure comedic brilliance)

  • Season 2 & 3 of Sex Education (on Netflix: fun, quirky, loved every second)

  • Season 2 of Single Parents (on Hulu: quirky easy to watch comedy)

  • Season 1 of Bunheads (on Hulu: literally I love Amy Sherman-Palladino)

  • Season 6 & 7 of Younger (on Hulu: fun, romantic, workplace comedy)

  • Season's 3 & 4 of The Good Place (on Netflix: brilliant feel good comedy)

  • The Moody's Christmas (on Hulu: easy, edgy comedy, rom-com feel)

  • Ted Lasso (on AppleTV+: what a good, funny time)

  • Girls5Eva (on Peacock: light, musical, and funnnnyyyy)

  • Hacks (on HBOMax: my new favorite, so smart, so funny)

  • Upload (on Amazon Prime: omg I binged this, so sweet, and I laughed out loud)

  • Starstruck (on HBOMax: okay so I know the two above I said my new favorite, but this was so good - rom-com series, so funny, only 6 episodes...)

  • With Love (on Amazon Prime: hallmark meets amazon, so fun and light!)

  • Only Murders In The Building (on Hulu: one of my favorite shows, so fun and keeps you invested along the way)


  • Season 6 of The Flash (on Netflix: 6 seasons & fantasy fun)

  • Seasons 4 & 5 of izombie (on Netflix: a fun, interesting, procedural. Easy watch, not too gory)

  • Season 1 & 2 of Locke & Key (on Netflix: spooky family drama that I watched in a day)

  • Season 5 & 6 of Supergirl (on Netflix: fun, female driven superhero with a sprinkle of truth)

  • Season 1 of Fate: The Winx Saga (on Netflix: OMG I'M OBSESSED, who doesn't love a dark and twisty teen fairy drama)

  • A Discovery of Witches Seasons 1 & 2(on Amazon Prime: vampires, witches, and demons in a period piece)

  • WandaVision (on Disney+: UM one of the best things I've seen in a long time)

  • Roswell New Mexico Seasons 1-3 (on Netflix & CW: that soapy alien drama we need in our lives)

  • Season 1 of Shadow & Bone (on Netflix: oh wow I loved this - it's the supernatural period piece of my dreams)

  • Season 1 of Wheel of Time (on Amazon Prime: action filled fantasy universe with a cliffhanger unlike any other)


  • Season 1 of Outerbanks (on Netflix: a hot, action, beachy treasure hunt)

  • Covert Affairs (bought 5 Seasons of and watched the whole series in a week. Some good CIA action)


  • Finished Season 2 of YOU & 3 (on Netflix: creepy, suspenseful, and totally binge worthy)

  • The Flight Attendant (on HBOmax: murder mystery with a twist, psychological drama, great to binge season one)


  • Season 12 of Shameless (on Netflix: fucked up dramedy BUT if you haven't watched there are 10 seasons and it is INCREDIBLE - MUST WATCH)

  • Dash & Lily (on Netflix: a cute, holiday teen quirky romance series)

  • Season 4 of The Bold Type (on Hulu: great young 2o-something workplace dramedy)

  • House of Lies (on Showtime: dark dramedy, super disturbing, but super interesting)

  • Love Life (on HBOmax: Rom Com with a slice of reality)

  • Weeds (on Netflix: what a ride -- 8 seasons with the genius that is Mary Louise Parker)

  • Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (on Hulu & Peacock: my favorite show right now, raw, funny, musical, and adorable)

  • Flack Season 2 (on Amazon Prime: a dark comedy to die for)


  • Station 19 (on Hulu with new episodes: Shonda, relationship drama and fires oh my!)

  • Chicago Fire (on Hulu with new episodes: I mean who doesn't love watching hot people save the day)

  • The Resident (all seasons on Hulu: medical drama with so much heart!)

  • Criminal Minds (on Netflix/Hulu: watched all 15 seasons over the course of 17 months and literally is my favorite procedural of all time I think)


  • Season 5 & 6 of Riverdale (on Netflix: 5 seasons of some good teen spooky drama)

  • Season 1 of Sweet Magnolias (on Netflix: some light fun family hallmark-eque drama)

  • Season 1 of Four Weddings and a Funeral (on Hulu: so cute, feel good, watched 10 episodes in like 4 days)

  • Seasons 3 & 4 of Revenge (on Hulu: some dark oozy relationship drama *seasons 1&2 are better*)

  • Normal People (on Hulu: a MUST WATCH relationship drama -- with lots of sex -- sorry had to say it)

  • Seasons 1-4 of Animal Kingdom TNT (on Amazon Prime: Literally so fucked up, but BRILLIANT)

  • Seasons 1 & 2 of Virgin River (on Netflix: relationship drama, easy to watch)

  • Tiny Pretty Things (on Netflix: interesting dark story with ballet and DRAMA)

  • Succession (on HBO: a satire that is some of the best television on the planet)

  • Cruel Summer (on Hulu: teen whodunit but with unexpected twists and turns)

  • Modern Love Season 2 (on Amazon: bring your tissues)

  • The Morning Show Season 2 (on AppleTV+: zeitgeist drama with tremendous acting)

  • The White Lotus (on HBO: a must watch)


  • The Queen's Gambit (on Netflix: a simple coming of age story. I laughed. I cried. I wish that I could re-watch without knowing what comes next a MUST WATCH!)

  • Reign (on Netflix: CW period piece about Mary Queen of Scotts. Some good old-fashioned hot garbage that I could not stop watching)

  • Little Fires Everywhere (on Hulu: intense and interesting family drama)

  • Bridgerton (on Netflix: new shondaland steamy romance period drama. watched it in a DAY)

  • For All Mankind Season 1 & 2 (AppleTV+: period piece about space & i'm obsessed)

  • Halston (on Netflix: this biopic I LOVED)

  • The Great (on Hulu: weird and fun at the same time)

  • In Pursuit of Love (on Amazon Prime: a gorgeous three episode story about female friendship and navigating life)

  • American Crime Story: Impeachment (on Hulu: watch this and then watch the real interviews - fascinating)

  • Downton Abbey (on Amazon Prime: loved seasons 1-6 and the movie, the period piece of your dreams!)


  • Imagineering (on Disney+: fascinating insider info on the Disney Parks)

  • Waking Sleeping Beauty (on Disney+: similar to imagineering but a deeper look into all things disney animation.)

On good old fashioned #cable

  • Grey's Anatomy (ABC new episodes)

  • Chicago Med (NBC new episodes)

  • The Bachelorette (ABC new episodes)

Binge-worthy Shows I recommend that I watched prior to the pandemic:

  • The Newsroom (on HBO Max: sorkin dramatic brilliance)

  • Game of Thrones (on HBO Max: ifykyk)

  • Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (on Amazon Prime: some prime period piece comedy)

  • Alias (on Amazon Prime: jennifer garner spy genius)

  • Dollface (on Hulu: relationship feel good comedy)

  • Sharp Objects (on HBO Max: disturbing but genius, A MUST WATCH)

  • Big Little Lies (on HBO Max: also disturbing but genius)

  • Veronica Mars (on Hulu: private investigator kristen bell. need I say more?)

  • The Morning Show Season 1 (AppleTV+: genius a MUST WATCH)

  • Great British Bake Off (on Netflix: easy and so much FUN )

Lastly, the things that I am making my way through:

  • The Americans (Amazon Prime currently in season 2)

  • Killing Eve (Hulu currently in season 3)

  • Homeland (Hulu currently in season 1)

  • Umbrella Academy (Netflix currently in season 1)

  • OG Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Hulu currently in season 1)

  • Ally McBeal (Hulu currently in season 1)

  • Catastrophe (Amazon Prime currently in season 2)

  • Scrubs (currently in season 3)

  • The Good Wife (on Paramount Plus)

  • Community (on Netflix currently in season 3)

Although it seems like I'm watching WAYYY too much, here are some shows on my watch list:

  • Miss America (Hulu)

  • Hollywood (Netflix)

  • The Undoing (HBO MAX)

WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING?? Please send all the recs!

xx, Ruthy

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