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Updated: Dec 30, 2020


Can you even believe Christmas is over, and we are about to embark on a new year? I know we've all been anxious to say goodbye to 2020...

Although I do foresee a radical difference in 2021, all this "2021 will be so different talk"...listen...the vaccine is slowly rolling out, and you bet your bottom dollar that we will surge after the New Year. So like stay home, read my what I've watched post, and wear and effing mask K?

NOW. I am a huge advocate for monthly goals, and constantly re-evaluating intentions. I mean, the phrase "new year, new me" is total BS in my opinion. We're not Cinderella and when the clock strikes 12 on January 1st, we all don't magically become different people. BUT I do believe in reflection and setting intentions at the end of the year based on what the previous year brought to you and/or lacked.. What can I learn from this year? What work is really important to me? What qualities have grown in you this year? What are some tiny and big things you would like to try or experience in 2021? (please dm me if you want some more journal prompts because you know I got you!)

So here's what I did:

1. Create a space: for me - I lit my favorite candle, got all my sparkly gel pens, my fav journal, turned on my Spotify "discover weekly," and turned off all the lights. (For you, this could be meditating, yoga, a few deep breaths, being outside, truly whatever you find "cleansing" or that like immediately apparates you to your happy place.)

2. I started to free-write an I want list. Stream of consciousness. Tried to not edit or correct anything. Statements as simple as I want to have a kinder conversation with my body to as difficult and lofty as I want to conquer my imposter syndrome. If it's helpful you can also do an I want list by theme: career-oriented, family, self-care etc.

3. Then I did some short-term goals. I set my deadline to "check in" as June (so 6 months from now). I did these as I will statements. So I will read 3 books, or I will finish my new get the gist.

4. Then I went back to my I want list and underlined all the statements I felt juicy about.

5. On a new page I wrote out all of those juicy I want statements and numbered them in order of importance/gut feeling & I ended up with 14. Aim for anywhere in between 2-15.

6. Now, here's the fun part, with NO RULES. On a new page write out all of these statements in your fav colors, different fonts etc. You can go back through and underline them, doodle, you think it, YOU DO IT!

7. See if there is a theme, or a word that jumps out at you!

REMEMBER: Goals, feelings, wants CHANGE as we grow and that's totally okay. If 2020 taught us anything, everything is temporary and we learn and grow!



What a crazy year. Here's to 2021. If you made it to this moment, with or without pants on, I am very proud of you.

Sending virtual kisses,



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