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REVIEWS FOR fiddler on the roof, 

first National Tour...


"And Froch is a particular standout throughout the show, journeying from the comic ferocity she first displays when Hodel meets her politically strident husband-to-be Perchik (a strong Ryne Nardecchia), to her arresting rendition of the plaintive “Far From the Home I Love,” as Hodel faces up to leaving her family." - James Herbert, The San Diego Tribune

"Of the five daughters, Ms. Froch is the standout as Hodel, arguably the most savvy, mature and independent of the group. She leads one of the show's best known anthems, "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" and successfully portrays a true character arc that spans both acts, culminating in "Far From the Home I Love." Ms. Froch balances her character's youthful innocence with a sense of magnetism that successfully captures Perchik's imagination, and the scenes she shares with Mr. Nardecchia work particularly well." - BWW

"For a lovely voice, look to Ruthy Froch, who plays Hodel. Her shimmering soprano stands out in “Matchmaker, Matchmaker” and the mournful “Far from the Home I Love.” - Jan Sj0strom, Palm Beach Daily News

"Ruthy Froch, as feisty daughter Hodel, who breaks hearts with her rendition of “Far From the Home I Love;Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

"The portrayals of Tevye’s three older daughters Tzeitel, Hodel, and Chava — by, respectively, Kelly Gabrielle Murphy, Ruthy Froch, and Noa Luz Barenblat, all of whom sing beautifully — are among the best I’ve ever seen." - Don Aucoin, The Boston Globe

"Froch wraps her gorgeous soprano voice around one of Jerry Bock’s most haunting ballads, “Far From the Home I Love,” her goodbye song to her family and life in Anatevka." - Lee Jeffreys, MD Theatre Guide

"Next is Hodel, played by Ruthy Froch. Froch’s lovely, heart-rending delivery of the touching “Far From the Home I Love” is among the show’s solo singing highlights." - David Siegel, DC Metro Theater Arts

"Ruthy Froch plays Hodel and she is full of energy and spunk. One of her most powerful moments is on "Far from the Home I Love." Here, she delivers a heart-wrenching goodbye to Tevye as she leaves Anatevka to go to her love Perchik (Ryne Nardecchia).” - Natasha Ashley, BWW

"Alongside Lazarov is a host of powerful performers. Murphy, Froch, and Barenblat are the strongest singers of the cast. Their “Matchmaker, Matchmaker” was light and bell-like, and Froch’s “Far From the Home I Love” was silkily melancholy. " - Emily Priborkin, DC Theatre Scene

"And Hodel’s “Far From the Home I Love” soared like I’ve never seen in previous productions.  Ruthy Froch enlarges and fills the song with a power that put me in tears.  She doesn’t sing with girlish sadness, but with feminine strength for the one she loves and the truth she believes." - Rick & Wendy Jepson, Front Row Reviews Utah

"Ruthy Froch gives Hodel a beautiful amount of spirit. She is an apt sparring partner for her eventual mate, Perchik, played by Ryne Nardecchia. The two of them beautifully show the tension between wanting to change tradition and being willing to fight and sacrifice so that their people can continue to live the lives they’ve always known." - David Kiley, EncoreMichigan

"Ruthy Froch as second daughter Hodel was a revelation, with a gorgeous singing voice and honest, emotional depth to her performance." - Jeremy Fogelman, Hotchka

"The young women who play his daughters are as fine a trio as I’ve ever seen. Mel Weyn as Tzeitel, Ruthy Froch as Hodel and Natalie Powers as Chava are perfection in acting and in vocal beauty. "

- Steve Cohen, The Cultural Critic

"Weyn, Froch, and Powers are all three terrific as Tevye’s eldest progeny, with vocal snaps to Froch’s haunting 'Far From the Home I Love'" - Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

"Froch, receiving the show’s only female solo song, puts a wistful longing into her delivery of “Far From the Home I Love”, with deep melancholy feelings behind each verse." - Amanda N. Gunther, TheatreBloom

"Other cast standouts include Mel Weyn as Tzeitel, Jesse Weil as Motel the tailor and Ruthy Froch as Hodel." - BWW

"The utterly charming performances of Mel Weyn, Ruthy Froch and Natalie Powers as daughters Tzeitel, Hodel and Chava" -  Andrew J. Friedenthal, Austin360

"They include Mel Weyn, Ruthy Froch (who delivers “Far from the Home I Love” in lush, tender tones) and Natalie Powers as Tevye’s eldest daughters" - Judith Newmark, STL Jewish Light

Standouts include Mel Weyn as Tzeitel and Ruthy Froch as Hodel, who has a magnificent voice.- Mira Tempkin, Urban Matter

“Daughter number two, Hodel ( Ruthy Froch is a delight)... There are songs such as...Matchmaker, Matchmaker” ( the girls are adorable in this one) and “Far From The home I Love” (Froch has a great range)"Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago

"The colorfullest singers are the performers of Tevye’s three eldest daughters – Mel Weyn as Tzeitel, Ruthy Froch as Hodel and Natalie Powers as Chava." - Warren Gerds, We Are Greenbay


"The main daughters (played by Mel Weyn, Ruthy Froch, and Natalie Powers) and their suitors (played by Jesse WeilRyne Nardecchia, and Joshua Logan Alexander) also play prominently in the show. Each performer establishes a distinct identity for his or her character and provides a compelling performance." - BWW

"Hodel (Ruthy Froch) also displays defiant strength when choosing love and devotion over tradition and oppression as she liltingly sings of her torn loyalty to Tevye “Far from the Home I Love.'" - Stuart W. Gamble, InTheSpotlight


REVIEWS For The Diary of anne Frank...

​"As Margot Frank, Ruthy Froch is an amazing, versatile young actress who brings a profound resonance to the part of Anne's sister. It's a very spirited, focused portrayal that is very real, truthful and raw. Even when she's just sitting there listening or reacting, we always know what she's thinking and feeling."

- Jim Ruocco,  From the Desk of Jim R.

"...and Ruthy Froch is a delight as Anne's sister Margot"

- Zander Opper, Talkin' Broadway

REVIEWS For Welcome to the Kingdom @ 59E59...

"Only Ms. Froch, who puts on a slinky sequined dress when she finally shows what she looks like (stunning), makes an  positive impression by demonstrating that she can actually sing one of the score’s ridiculous numbers,"

- Samuel L. Leiter, Theatre's Leiter Side



"​"Froch plays the sassy Reno more like Christine Baranski than Ethel Merman. With a wink and a grind, Froch sashays through every number with confidence and a bravura singing voice."

- The Acorn

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