A WEEK IN AMSTERDAM-A Packing Excursion

Spent a week in Amsterdam this September (9/11-9/18) and let me just say it was INCREDIBLE. If I could speak Dutch and be an actor there, I would, in a heartbeat. But that's besides the point. As I was walking through the streets, and reading up on blogs, I had the "AHA" moment. I should document my trip, the good, what I wish I did differently and the amazing things I found along the way. So Here Goes Nothing


MUST HAVES FOR EUROPE: An outlet converter, travel toiletries (most hotels I would say have shampoo & body soap), and something to carry your valuables with a ZIPPER. I don't consider myself a fanny pack person but I DEFINITELY wish that I had purchased one, just so I always knew my stuff was safe & on my person in front of me.

I packed for 6 days in this Vera Bradley Rolling Duffel. Bought it for tour this year and already LOVING it. I brought a small Kate Spade Backpack for my "purse" and because of how crowded the city is, I ended up putting my wallet & passport in the inner pocket of my jacket, just so I knew it was there, and extending the straps of my backpack so i could put both straps over my head and create my own crossbody bag. This Duffel is amazing because the bottom compartment allows space for shoes and fits quite a bit, and the top compartment is much bigger, so if you roll and categorize you're G2G!

I also bought this MZWallace Large Metro Tote to use as my carry-on and a tote-for-tour (let's coin that, shall we?) that has some internal pouches, A ZIPPER, and a cavernous black hole to throw my consolidation issues in. I went in September & I run on the colder side, so I lived in my new Patagonia Jacket, and my favorite pair of Dr. Martens. You will be walking A LOT, and occasionally I wished I brought my workout sneaks to help ease the 22,000 steps I took a day.

Basic Packing List Included:

  • Socks & Underwear for 6 Days & 5 Nights

  • My Favorite Travel Day Outfit (wore for both flights)

  • 3 Pairs of Jeans (1 Black, 1 Regular, and my new heart patterned jeans) & Belt

  • My Patagonia Coat

  • A Light Scarf

  • My Fav Cropped Hoodie & Flannel

  • 3 Long sleeve t-shirts

  • 4 Short sleeve t-shirts & 1 Tank

  • A Rain Coat (I actually ended up buying the CUTEST rain coat in Amsterdam, but that's besides the point, IT RAINS IN THE NETHERLANDS & LIFE CONTINUES, SO BE PREPARED)

  • 2 Nicer Outfits (I brought one dress with tights & a blouse to go with my nicer jeans)

  • 1 Pair of PJ's (Loving these sweats from Aerie)

  • Make-Up Essentials: Although I exclusively wore this eyeshadow "Shimmer Veil" (in Soleil) from Cover Fx. If you're a lipstick gal I would bring more in this dept. because it's a great way to spice up a neutral look.

  • Basic Toiletries

  • Jewelry Essentials


DISCLAIMER: although I did bring enough options, and honestly for a week did not overpack, I also brought a bunch of random stuff. Because I'm just a textbook over-packer with MAJOR consolidation issues.

Random Travel Bag Stuffers & Life Savers:

Melatonin, Tide To-Go, Travel Lint- Roller, Emergency Tampons, AND Aquaphor (which is my actual solution for most things).

Packing is always a stressful experience, I usually end up having a mental breakdown, but a week is nothing compared to 8 months in different climates. SO, if you're reading this and stressing YOU GOT THIS.



p.s. all hyperlinks are available & ready if you are interested in looking into some of my life purchases!

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